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About Us


MKTG Team is a new marketing company based out of Nashville, Tennessee and we specialize in providing full-time
marketing teams to companies without the resources to hire an in-house marketing department. How do we do this?
By listening to your needs and trusting the right people to get the work done, all in one place.

Think about it: wouldn’t you rather have a team on-demand for every one of your requirements, than having to
handle individual positions? We defy standards by designing a competent offer that allows access to full-time
marketing department without contracting, freelance or piecemeal marketing work.

Every day is a good opportunity to tear down the walls that come between you and your potential. By outsourcing
with us, our customized teams help you be better at what you do. It’s about time you start leveraging your
marketing dollars while minimizing risk.

We have the manpower. We have the skills. Imagine what you could accomplish with a Full Time Marketing