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We first provide you with a work plan, a specific schedule of the marketing activities we intend to perform. We adopt a strategy that works well within the time frame given and we execute the plan accordingly. For this purpose, a specific marketing team is assigned to you based on your needs and is expected to meet those needs in the corresponding time.

The number of people on your team varies depending on your needs and the package you have chosen. Some companies have less marketing needs than others when they come to us.

The team is available to you every day during office hours. They are considered Full-Time Employees that are available to you from the beginning to the end of your workday.

No, we have a 1:1 ratio. All of the members of the team you have been assigned, including the project manager, are working exclusively for you.

Of course, the team is at your disposal and you can request specific tasks. However, it is necessary to have in mind each team member’s total workload.

The transition period lasts about 2*weeks and in those 2* weeks we start producing material and sending it over to you for feedback. That feedback ultimately allows us to get to know your preferences and needs better. We will also be having lots of questions for you to answer during those 2* weeks.

Once we have clarified what we both need from each other in order to work smoothly, we will provide you with the actual start date of the work plan.

Unfortunately, no; our work is structured in such a way that the Project Manager you have been assigned is the sole responsible of communicating all of your comments and requests to the rest of the marketing team. The PM will make sure to attend all of your inquiries as fast as possible.